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Monthly Update: March 2022

Mar Performance: -18.22%

YTD: -19.26%

* Figures will likely vary for individuals depending on when you joined CromwellFX.

Sadly the war between Russia and the Ukraine rumbles on with many lives lost and that is so very sad to see so I am trying my best not to sound like I have anything to worry about here but with such unrest it has a real effect on the markets. As a result, and after a very tough March, we find ourselves -18.22% for the month and -19.26% for the year to date.

It's still very early, of course I am disappointed, but I remain confident that we'll recover and start to turn a profit soon enough, it's a marathon not a sprint.

March has been really tough on us, unfortunately we had some big losses where trades sharply turned the wrong way and our stop losses were triggered. This happens, it's part and parcel of trading. I feel we have been very unlucky in March and so I would like to think that April will be kinder.

I'm monitoring our positions very closely, I've adopted a tighter, stricter risk management strategy to try as best as I can to keep losses to a minimum. Please do remember that the majority of our FX trades are long term, medium risk swing trades so we must be patient and try not to let, what can often look like a sea of red trades cloud our judgement or cause us to panic and close.

I appreciate your patience, especially those who have recently joined us, I know it's not fun seeing your money in the minus figures. I find it best to "zoom out". If you watch too closely for the day / week movements then it can drive you crazy. This is a long term project but I am confident we will be in a really good position over the coming months.

Please do get in touch if you have any queries or concerns.

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